Action Analysis

 Action Exploration Essay


Portion Two Final Project

Getting rid of Illegal Extraterrestrials from Oilfield Work

Unit 6

Erin Parsons

Kaplan University

GM505 Action Exploration and Asking Skills

Professor Nathan Boyer

September 18, 2014

Portion Two Last Project

Doing an Action Research study is a great way to resolve an existing problem during an organization. This approach of research is intended to " enable individuals to find effective solutions to complications they confront in their everyday lives” (Stringer, 2007, p. 1). Concluding the eight phases of Action Analysis are important to the success of the task. These steps incorporate (1) deciding on a focus, (2) clarifying hypotheses, (3) figuring out research inquiries, (4) collecting data, (5) analyzing data, (6) credit reporting results, and (7) currently taking informed actions (Sagor, 2014). The purpose of this paper is usually to report the results and explain what action have been taken to solve the issue of discovering what the ideal course of action is usually to reduce the event of illegitimate alien work on individual businesses in the oilfield, specifically JEA Oilfield Solutions, LLC. Revealing the benefits of an Actions Research Project is usually " a crucial part of virtually any research study, ” as others may be " interested in the results obtained” (Mertler, 2012, p. 44). Taking informed action is what separates Actions Research from all other forms of exploration as it requires participants working " creatively to formulate actions that may lead to a resolution with the problem(s)”, by planning, applying, reviewing, and evaluating (Stringer, 2007, p. 125). Range and Goal

The purpose of this process Research Project, as stated above, was going to investigate the particular best course of action would be to decrease the occurrence of illegal unfamiliar work on individual businesses inside the oilfield, especially JEA Oilfield Services, LLC. The decision to pay attention to this problem came up as a result of the unfair and unsafe competition created from these kinds of workers, as they have been proven to charge as low as $20 per hour in comparison to the average rate of $65 to $85 hourly for legal, insured, and certified welders. These against the law alien employees are not only currently taking work faraway from tax paying Americans, yet also, in many instances they are not really certified or perhaps qualified to be completing lots of the jobs. With out earning proper certification which usually requires abounding knowledge of the policies and procedures, devastating events could possible occur, putting useful lives in superb danger. Applying Action Study to address the condition and implement a change was a good procedure because this form of research requires action that must be taken at the end of the project. This is exactly what separates Actions Research by any other sort of research, the implementation in the action plan. As well, the stages that must be followed in order to get towards the final rendering phase require great awareness of detail and complex numbers of interpretation and analysis. It also requires researchers to maintain open communication using their stakeholders, making sure they are completely informed for the progress of the project. Info collection and compilation

In this project, two data gathering methods were intended to be used. The 1st method, critiquing existing printed literature, was extremely effective. The second method, interviewing the stakeholders Leading Energy Providers and Leader Natural Resources, was really unsuccessful. Option attempts in collecting valuable data was also lost. Reviewing existing published materials regarding the affects illegal alien workers include on the Us economy and information related to E-Verify was extremely useful. Having access to Kaplan University's Library which is full of a large number of articles pertaining to the search topics made this method of data gathering good. Using Google Scholar demonstrated less successful, as many in the articles had been only attainable to associates of the hosting website, and some were only available for a specific...

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