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 task c Essay

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A) There are many different sings, symptoms, indicators and behaviours which may cause concern of a child in you care, some symptoms may be Unexplained bruising or burns that keep recurring

Wearing heavy apparel even in hot weather

Balding patches of hair

Running abroad, many times

Fear of medical examination

Aggression toward self (self-harming) and others

Fear of physical contact

Some signs you may recognize with neglect could be the fact that child is actually tired or hungry, asking for food or perhaps falling asleep as soon as they come to the setting, offers poor hygiene and untreated medical problems. b) Children may get teased for many various things, whether that be because of the sexuality, competition, gender, a disability and even more. Some methods children may get bullied could possibly be Physically

This may be pressing or pushing them, reaching, kicking while others forms or perhaps violence as well as threating to hurt all of them. Verbally

This would be name calling and insult, consistent teasing and spreading whispers – it can be necessary that people think about what they say just before they say this, they may think that they are being funny although sometimes the victim will not see it to be funny. Mental bullying

This could be not really speaking to them, when I was as institution I remember a whole lot of my personal peers value to give each other silent treatment over a thing little. This type of lovato is very common with younger age range. Furthermore it could possibly include tormenting and humiliating someone. Cyber bullying

This way away bullying is now more and more prevalent, many children start having the latest technology via a youthful age and aren't usually thinking about what they are saying lurking behind the display screen to their friends, and what they are doing. Cyber bullying can be deliberate method of making an individual upset The consequences of bullying might be different from individual to individual but can easily stay with these people for a life time, effecting generally there confidence, they might also have low self-esteem and feel isolated from...