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Selecting a Theme and Thinking Worksheet

Complete the following and post as an connection.

List two objects, people, subjects, or perhaps concepts you are going to compare and/or contrast.

Mcdonald's and Hardee's

What are the similarities between two items, people, topics, or principles? List numerous similarities as you can.

The two are fast food restaraunts and they equally sell breakfast as well as burgers and they both have different menu items What are the differences between two items, people, subject matter, or concepts? List as much differences since you can.

Their key differences is the way they will prepare and prep their food along with their prices Are you going to give attention to similarities, differences, or the two? Explain the rationale. Internet marketing going to give attention to both because you will learn even more by comapre their differences as well as all their similarities

What do you wish your readers to find out and figure out after browsing your dissertation? What is the purpose of your dissertation?

I want my personal readers to know the efforts behind both companies and their commpetiton

What three or four parallel points of evaluation and/or compare will you addresses in your dissertation? For example , if you were going to compare and contrast two professors, your seite an seite points may be each teacher's homework policy, classroom execute policy, and demeanor. Im going to review menus and costs and foodstuff preporation and address the similarities of both and the differences too Explain for what reason this is a suitable and convenient topic assortment for the ultimate assignment.

This is certainly some thing which i have a lot of knowledge on and we all consume fast food therefore it will be a interesting topic

Reflect on what you learned in Ceridwen Dovey's video. Write a 100- to 150-word paragraph describing how your own producing process is definitely changing because you complete those activities in this study course.

My publishing process is changing exactly where I are...