Belonging: Resist and Scott

 Belonging: Avoid and Scott Essay

" The Challenge to belong can be resisted or perhaps embraced”

Belonging is a challenge that may be resisted or embraced. For some sticking to its condition and contouring to the norms of society are what they embrace. Nevertheless for others, resisting this suitable of conformity and embracing their own impression of identification, is just how many experience they fit in. Belonging relies upon the targets of yourself and the popularity of others with you.

Scott Hastings, Bref Lurhman's key protagonist inside the film STRICLY BALLROOM, finds himself deliberating the ongoing concern of taking on the strict rules from the Dance Federation, at the risk of resisting and rejecting his own id. However , he could be determined to embrace his style and resist conformity. Lurhman does this by applying unlikely characters, Fran and Doug to help Scott in achieving self-expression.

Inside the opening picture of STRICTLY BALLROOM, the audience is instantly subjected to the theme of embraced conformity. Lurhman does this by presenting a montage sequence of ballet dancers. Dancing a similar steps and wearing a similar costumes. The film quickly takes a change, and the market is offered Jeff Hastings, his character within a pivotal moment proves resists this form of belonging. Alternatively he leads to his individual flashy group pleasing methods, after getting boxed-in. This scene provides a metaphorical representation of Scott's entrapment and confinement in the Dance Federation, and his determination to break away from authority. However , embracing the challenge to belong to ones very own individuality, acquires leveled critique. In Scott's case discouragement comes from the stylized and highly satirical values ruled by Craig Fife, the low-angled taken is along with smarmy manifestation which suggests he could be an unlikeable character. The battle continues when ever Barry Fife establishes through his unsympathetic dialogue " you can dance any way you want, that doesn't mean you will win” – In win the camera shot zoom in to his mouth,...