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Doing business today for many businesses been reduced by the advantages of the net. The internet features however become both a case and a blessing since the proliferation with the information on the net has been a challenge in the protection of the company brand. A large number of organizations have realized that monitoring and protecting brand 2 becoming an increasingly challenging with the increase in net use. Spoofing sites, misleading photos and phishing between many other ways brand and copyrighted papers are becoming misused. It turned out worsening by the recent changes in the regulations of the United State to allow journalist make use of copyrighted material without permission (Gottschalk, 2009). Protection of the trademark online remains to be an important part of today's business environment that is constantly getting competitive. Businesses cannot therefore overlook the make use of brand on-line as it could cause the loss of income through spoofing and counterfeiting (Richard, 2007). The customer trust has been shed due to loss of reputation. The firms can loss the right to the brand if this does not confirm its homework in protecting it. For that reason, many companies happen to be obliged to tackle these foreseeable dangers to their buyers. Due to this developing need, policing of brand to never only address these clear threats just like phishing episodes and internet fraud but tackle the widespread not authorized use of logos is inescapable. This is because these kinds of threats have resulted in the loss of brands by simply companies causing the loss of earnings. Companies like BD-Brand Shield are for that reason necessary to manage such problems. The companies is going to adequately carry on the task as it involves usage of resources most of which exceed the range of most companies due to the complexities of the online world (Richard, 2007).

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