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Date: Sept. 2010 08, 2008

To: Trish Wong

By: Tan Early Lee

Subject: Why we must run the Fitness Hub

Here in Nanyang Mutual, were very fortuitous to have our personal Fitness Middle right at the doorstep. The complex comes with landscaped environment, elegant office buildings, and an exercise Centre presenting an indoor walking and products. The Fitness Centre was built as the management regarded exercise to be an important benefit to offer its employees. With a range of rewards to our staff, it is not hard to understand so why we should continue running the fitness Middle

It is generally accepted that exercise brings about superb health. With better overall health, the efficiency will increase. The Claims section has positively rolled out a Wellness Plan by using peer encouragement and teambuilding ideas to promote the use of Fitness Middle. Since the Well being Program commenced eight months ago, efficiency in the Says department features risen by simply 18 percent and unwell days have got decreased by 5 percent as compared with the previous eight-month period. Consequently, increased productivity will definitely enhance the company's performance.

According to the medical costs pertaining to the previous 3 years, the 10 % of employees who used the Health Centre 3 times a week or maybe more showed medical costs of around $100 per head. The 25 % of employees who employed the center once or twice per week showed medical costs of approximately $300 a person. The 65 percent of staff who under no circumstances used the Fitness Middle rang up medical bills of approximately $500 per person. Although we are unable to attribute the explanation for the decrease of medical costs to be solely exercising, we are able to say that doing exercises is a contributory factor to the situation. The above information as well confirms the results of several scientific studies: physical exercise improves people's health.

It took only ten months to inspire the majority of the Claims office...