case eleven

 case eleven Essay

Samantha O'neal


Doctor Russell


1 . What are the marketing implications of this circumstance?

In the situation of Mary Campbell the organization would want to minimize deficits by using the peer review program rather than spending a ton litigation.

2 . Evaluate the notion of peer review. What are it is strengths and weaknesses? What kind of environment is needed to make it work well? I believe the concept of peer review would be very useful to make personnel feel like they have been treated reasonably. It helps reduce losses as a result of legal situations and it provides workers a good chance to get evaluated by their peers instead of just managing. On the other hand, considering that the organization delivers compensation intended for the the peer review panel, agitated workers may file frivolous complaints out of aggravation, which will lead to unnecessary expenditures. In order for the peer review program to be fruitful and impartial, the people of the panel need to feel secure in knowing that regardless of the decision that they can reach, there will not become any repercussions.

a few. Review evidence. Do you believe the account presented? When it comes to Larimer's testimony, I believe the girl with completely validated because what Campbell did was against explicit firm policy. With regards to Campbell's accounts, I feel that she actually is making excuses When it comes to Taunton's testimony, the girl should not possess given out the comment field key to any individual other than the manager.

5. What decision would you make and so why?

Based on evidence, I feel the Mary Campbell was not wrongfully fired since she knew that she should not be taking the comments out of the box and just saying that your woman " forgot” that the lady had it and " accidentally” threw it apart sounds like shes making justifications to acquire herself away of trouble. If the lady wanted to speak with Larimer about the card, she could have immediately gone to her, explained the situation, and asked Larimer to examine the card with her....