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Throughout Antonio's life, the religion having been born into that has helped shaped his life good or bad is Catholicism. Such as, when ever Antonio was so lost in his life, he viewed to his religion to give him assistance. " I actually hoped that in a few years the taking with the first holy communion will bring myself understanding” (74). Antonio was feeling thus out of place even his family was, after Eugene and Leon still left them. Andrew help Antonio realize that he and his brother couldn't accomplish their parents dream, completely to be Antonio. Eventually, after Narciso's fatality Antonio begins to question just how god permit Narciso expire and Tenorio live. " I could hardly understand why Narciso, who would good in planning to help Ultima, had lost his lifestyle; and so why Tenorio, who had been evil together taken a life, was free and unpunished. This didn't appear fair. I thought a great deal regarding god and why this individual let such things happen” (186). Antonio did not understand why Our god isn't answering all of the queries he provides. Antonio did start to think might be God didn't see the killing of Narciso. Sometimes, Antonio feels that God basically listening to and he feels that he has a better connection to the Virgin Jane. " I actually turned more and more to praying before the ara of the Virgin mobile, because while i talked with her I experienced as if your woman listened, like my mother listened” (187). Antonio thinks that the Virgin Mary listens to him and inform God about his inquiries, but Goodness is saying that Antonio just isn't ready but. When Antonio makes his first accord he believe then, Our god will response his concerns. Antonio existence has been extremely impacted by his religion. The Golden Carp makes Antonio think about his religion. After hearing about the story of the golden carp Antonio starts to question the god on the cross. " If the Fantastic Carp was obviously a god, who had been the man on the cross? The Virgin? Was my mom praying towards the wrong god” (81). Antonio didn't believe that the story, but it did start up questions. Later on when Antonio finally views the Glowing Carp, he...