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Section 4 Assignment

Developing a Web Site Privacy Policy

Software program requirements: Web browser software. Term processing software program, Electronic presentation software (optional)

Dirt Bikes' management would like to make sure it includes policies and procedures in position to protect the privacy of visitors to its Web site. You could have been asked to develop Dirt and grime Bikes' Site privacy policy. The TRUSTe Website (www.truste.org) offers Model Online privacy policy Disclosures in its Resources for businesses that you can download and assessment to help you draft Dirt Bikes' privacy policy. You can even examine specific companies' privacy policies by simply searching for Website privacy policy on the search engines. ca or using one more search engine.

Prepare a report to get management that addresses the following issues: 1 ) How much data should Dirt Bikes acquire on people to its Website? What information could that discover simply by tracking visitors' activities in its Web site? What value would this information give the company? Exactly what the privateness problems brought up by collecting such data?

2 . Should Dirt Motorcycles use cookies? What are the benefits of using cookies pertaining to both Dirt Bikes and its Web site guests? What personal privacy issues do cookies generate for Dirt Bikes?

several. Should Dirt and grime Bikes sign up for an organization including TRUSTe to certify it includes adopted authorized privacy techniques? Why or why not?

some. Should Dirt and grime Bikes style its web page so that it conforms to P3P standards? Why or why not?

5. Ought to Dirt Motorcycles adopt an opt-in or opt-out type of informed consent? 6. Include in your report a short (two to three pages) privacy affirmation for the Dirt Bicycles ebsite. You can use the 8-10 categories of the TRUSTe Unit Privacy Affirmation as a guideline if you wish.

several. (Optional) Make use of electronic business presentation software to summarize your recommendations for management.

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