ENB100 Essay

1 . History about Sandikhola

1 ) 1 . Demographics

The population of Nepal can be estimated for 30, 986, 975 persons in the census of 2014, with a population growth charge of 1. 82% and a median associated with 22. 9 years. Men median era is predicted at twenty-two. 2 years, and 23. six years for men. The majority of the populace, 61. 1%, is between 15 and 64 years of age and 31. 6% is usually estimated for younger than 14 years older, whereas simply 4. 5% of the inhabitants are believed to be much more than 65 years of age, comprising 681, 252 females and 597, 628 males. Birth price is estimated at 21. 07 births per 1, 000 human population with a child mortality level at 40. 43 deaths per you, 000 live births. Life expectancy at birth can be estimated at 65. 88 years to get males and 68. 56 years for women. Death price is approximated at six. 62 fatalities per one particular, 000 human population. According to the 2014 census, net migration rate is approximated at a few. 71 migrant workers per you, 000 people (CIA, 2011).

Figure 1 - Nepal Age framework


1 . 2 . Current Political Situation

According to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Transact (DEFAT, 2014) Nepal is actually in a point out of political transition following 10 years of civil warfare that commenced with Maoist elements in Nepal conquering the monarchy of the time and in 1996. Because the civil warfare ended with the Comprehensive Peace Accord fixed on twenty one November 2006.

In 08 a new and federal metabolism was crafted but it was considered incorrect in 2012. A defieicency of federal reorganization, rearrangement, reshuffling has proven the most difficult one which to move agreement across all political parties. In November 2013 Nepali Our elected representatives held polls and Sushil Koirala became the Prime Ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) of Nepal from March 2014. The parliament continues to be dependent upon talks between many other political celebrations in order to approve legislation.

In accordance to DEFAT (2014) secureness and detrimental order is known as a growing concern in many regions. Enforced strikes (bandhs) are frequently called by political parties these close down the region for extended intervals and hinder economic productivity

The lack of higher-level government coordination has п¬Ѓltered down to the area communities, impacting on basic service delivery and impeding new expansion projects.

1 ) 3. Gorkha Geography

Sandikhola is a small town located in the Ghorka region of Nepal. The population of the district is definitely 271 000 people. Nepal has seventy-five districts and the fifth major city of Nepal is Bharatpur, with the population of 143, 836 (CIA, 2011). Bharatpur and Sandikhola are segregated by 42 kilometers. Sandikhola is approximately 80km from the capital of Kathmundu and roughly 16km south from the wonderful city of Gorkha. It is north east of Kurintar (approximately 8km) and approximately 42km north east from Bharatpur. The entry to the village is really difficult. The travel from Bharatpur to Sandikhola takes over an hour each way up extremely rough dirt roads - which is difficult to drive up in wet conditions (World Reality Book, 2014).

Traveling in Nepal may be difficult due to its extreme terrain and climate which include tiny rocks and muddy roads, for this reason walking is he most common way of journeying. Even though you will discover 13, 223km of total highways (being 4, 073 paved), most  do not reach the rural and remote regions of the country and only little bit more than 32% of the population can access cycle and 1 . 6% to automobiles. There are also motorcycle rentals accessible in Kathmundu place and also community transport (buses and trains). Is not possible

to rent ‘drive yourself' car, a driver is provided with rental cars and it costs a lot (NEWAH, 2014).

Figure 2 - Map of the Gorkha District



The majority of the population of Nepal (83%) live in countryside areas where the living conditions are much better, including water, sanitation access and waste managing (NEWAH, 2014).

Rainfall (п¬Ѓgure 3. ) averages peak in the month of Come july 1st to Sept. 2010, with July the wettest. Winters...

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