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Effect Paper: Lapu-lapu

Film production company tells the storyplot of the 1st hero of the Philippines, Lapu-lapu. The movie opens with a fight scene between two soldires on a seaside on Mactan Island. A single army is usually led by simply Lapu-lapu plus the other by Humabon. The forces of Humabon will be defeated and he escapes with a wound at the abdomen delivered by Lapu-lapu him self. Lapu-lapu's pushes spend the evening resting using their exertions throughout the battle. The babaylan functions rituals for the lifeless and offers a chicken towards the spirits. Moments later, a male is trying to find food at a water. He saw a woman washing in the near by lake. He raped her and thankfully there is a experience. The body of the girl was found out by the tribesmen along the seashore. The following day time, the burial took place close to the barangay. The individuals wore white-colored garments. The body was put on a number along the shoreline. The body was burned because they thought that all the spirit of the person is the smoke cigarettes. They also thought that the heart of the body goes up towards the sky through which they believed is the kaluwalhatian. The witness told Lapu-lapu who committed the criminal offense. Lapu-lapu then simply ordered his guards to obtain the suspect. The suspect was detected and he was later on captured. Lapu-lapu asked the daddy of the victim to get rid of the believe, on which this individual did. Lapu-lapu fell excited about Bulakna and proposes a relationship. The wedding began with the showering of flowers to the bride-to-be. The bridegroom and the bride-to-be meet within a place where there is a lot of food. The babaylan performs a practice. There were people dancing between a bonfire with candle lights in every of their hands. Days include passed as well as the Spaniards arrived in the Korea at 03 20, 1521. Ferdinand Magellan named the Philippines Atolon de Lazarus. At first, Humabon is suspicious of his guests but this individual soon comes up with a plan in order to use the Spaniards against his enemy, Lapu-lapu. The initially Filipino to turn into a Christian is definitely Kulambu. Humabon agrees to become...