Mcb Issue Set

 Mcb Problem Set Composition

MCB one hundred and fifty Lab


1 . The information below had been obtained following performance of Ex. a couple of as stated inside your MCB 150 lab manual. a. Estimation the number of total bacteria, actinomycetes, fungi and algae every gram (dry weight) of soil gathered from the IBS garden

ph level: 6. 0

ODW: almost eight. 6 grams

Colony Is important:

PDA 10-1: 210, one hundred ninety

AMA 10-4: 125, 119

SCA 10-4: 80, sixty two

10-2: twenty, 34

10-5: 17, 30

10-5: 18, 2

Algal Medium (no. of + tubes/ no . of inoculated tubes):

10-1: 5/ five

10-2: 5/ 5

10-3: 3/ a few

10-4: 1/ 5

10-5: 1/ your five

b. Potato Dextrose Agar used in the above mentioned exercise was compounded and supplemented with 50ppm of Rose Bengal and 95 ppm of Streptomycin. Calculate for the quantity of each component of this moderate (exact volume level used) given that Rose Bengal is in natural powder and Streptomycin was given to you personally in share solution of 100 Вµg per Вµl.

2 . The info below had been obtained following performance of Ex. three or more as stated within your MCB a hundred and fifty lab manual. Determine the estimated number of bacteria and fungi every cubic feet of air gathered from IBS parking lot making use of the impingement approach.

Capacity of vacuum supply: 10 liters per minute

Sample time: 28 minutes

Nest Counts:

PDA 10-1: TNTC, 210

PCA 10-1: 320, 230

10-2: 42, 90 10-3: 4, 12

10-2: 20, 12 10-3: 0, 0

10-4: 0, one particular

10-4: 0, 1

several. The plankton counts listed below were acquired after collecting sea normal water sample twenty times using a plankton net (net mouth area diameter: 20 cm, net length: 30 cm, provide length of sampler: 45 cm) via up and down towing and transferring the concentrated sample of one hundred ten ml to 5% borax-buffered formalin at 1: on the lookout for ratio (water sample: preservative). Determine the estimated quantity of the explained microorganisms inside the sea normal water given the following counts:

a. using Sedgewick-Rafter tray (50 compartments, every with one particular mm thickness, of a sole strip had been observed) algae: 71

dinoflagellates: 126

diatoms: 28

Compute for the Simpson's Index of Range for the above mentioned plankton matters. b. employing Haemocytometer (four square A...