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1 . 1 )   Purpose 3 1 . installment payments on your   Background several 1 . three or more.   Method of Investigation several 1 . four.   Scope three or more

2 .      FINDINGS

2 . 1 )   Retail Supervision 4 installment payments on your 1 . you Retail Structure 4 2 . 1 . 2 Targeting 4

2 . 1 ) 3 Opponents 5

installment payments on your 1 . some Evaluation Of Elements 6-7

2 . installment payments on your   Environment Managing 8

2 . 3.   IT Support being unfaithful


three or more. 1 .   Evaluation Of Functionality 9-10

3. 2 .  Quality Of Service 10-11

several. 3.  Areas Of Improvement 11

3. 4 Significance Of Work 12

4.      CONCLUSION 12-13

a few.      RECOMMENDATIONS 13-15


1 . one particular       Purpose �

The general aim of this record is comprehensive information on the things i have learned and experienced through the 12 weeks of accessory with Ip Case Int'l Pte Limited. It will incorporate what I have got observed about and provide tips for the company.

1 ) 2        Background

Since 1999, M6 Mobile Trading and Companies Pte Ltd started out in focusing portable accessories. After in 2011, they decided to rename their branding to " Ip Case” for better recognition and so registered by itself as " Ip Circumstance Int'l Pte Ltd”

Ip Case strives in bringing in a wider variety of niche and unique mobile accessories because of its consumers. Besides mobile components, Ip case also concentrate on dealing with sound products, just like renowned brands of headphones, audio speakers and earphones.

1 . 3        Method of Analysis �

Information was accumulated through my own observation in Ip Circumstance at [email protected] for doze weeks. Besides my observation, I gathered some of the details from the boss of Ip Case.

1 ) 4        Scope

This report will address about 3 crucial themes when it comes to the merchandise range and selection, pricing policy of Ip Case and customer service. installment payments on your FINDINGS

installment payments on your 1 Retail Management

2 . 1 . you Retail File format

Ip Circumstance Int'l Pte Ltd is an on their own owned store-based retailer which has a total of three physical stores and five kiosks at different parts of Singapore. Ip Case is considered being a specialty retail outlet that give attention to mobile add-ons, as well as audio tracks products. That focused on these two specific categories and carried in a different range of company for customers to decide on and compare from.

2 . 1 . two Targeting

Because Ip Case Int'l Pte Ltd gives not only inexpensive, simple and superior quality hand phone accessories, but as well renowned headphones such as Is better than and Monster. For cellular accessories, they will target a wider age group of the two male and feminine customers, which in turn falls between 15 to 55 yr old. They can range from generation X, Y and Z as mobile add-ons is essential to their daily life.

As for the audio products, they concentrate on both genders that land between 18 to 35 year old. Though it is expensive to purchase renowned headphones, college students, working school adults and music lovers still benefit more regarding the brand and therefore are willing to spend more in such items. Thus, Ip Case objectives two diverse groups several category. This way, it is able to accomplish customer's requirement and demands by creating different promoting mix. installment payments on your 1 . a few Competitors

There are some direct and indirect rivals for Ip Case in [email protected] The indirect...