My Achievements

 My Accomplishment Essay

by Verónica"

I managed to get, now I'm striving, will I produce it again? "

Before, I attained to set up a graphic design firm, now I'm struggling to achieve my currently challenge, speak English, so following time I actually wonder We, will I consummate my objective?. Approximately 18 years ago, once i majored in graphic design, and returned via Florence, Italia, met my husband, he majored in advertising before me, and was newcomer by California. if he and I were engaged, made a decision to work in the same way, therefore opened up a small studio agency. The employees were simply my husband and I, even so at the end of two years, we bought a relatively inexpensive screen producing supplies, and never professional equipment. As a result of our hard work, we set up each of our printing shop, so put in a series of consecutively, sequentially equipment just like silk display printing press machine, counter press, furthermore, of computer software. I dealt with at the same time work and residence. Some days I used to work on dawn to sun, weekends, and holidays. Within my daily routine as well as the end with the work, exactly at 6th p. meters I used to get my kids, do all their homework, go shopping, and require a shower. For example , in South america we value to work on saturdays, too. From 9 a. m to 2 g. m., and 4 g. m. to 7: 30 p. m. even the childcare professional of my personal children. Regardless of that we went forward into of the world of printing competition to walk in the next step. in the next step, purchased a digital printing machine.

At present, we're creating with our most recently purchased, an electronic digital printing machine. Actually, wish working with a team by simply 12 employees, three of them are graphic designers, but, I have a independently business, alongside printing shop. I specialised to design trademarks, my centering is identity corporate, furthermore, any king of announcements for baptism, first accord, wedding, graduate student, baby shower, customized favors for virtually any event, jacket, stickers, notepad, etc .. All of that customers bless you at digital...