Nevado Delete Ruiz case study

 Essay about Nevado De Ruiz example


•Nevado Del Ruiz is a working stratovolcano located in Colombia. •The volcano is on the Andean Volcanic Seatbelt which is produced by the subduction of the Nazca plate under the South American continental menu. •The volcano has been energetic for 150, 000 years – the eruption in 1985 is among the most recent after being dormant for 69 years.


•A rise in seismic activity was initially noticed in past due 1984, and by September 85 people were aware an eruption was probably, with a high risk of lahars. •The primary eruption occurred on thirteenth November 1985, producing pyroclastic flows that melted glaciers and snow. Lahars formed of water, ice, volcanic rock and clay were created, and flowed over the river valleys at rates of 60kph, growing to four occasions their unique size. The lahars reached the city of Armero around 2 hours following your eruption. •The eruption was relatively small , and measuring 3 on the Rictor scale


•The lahars that hit this town of Armero killed three quarters of the twenty eight, 700 residents. They held up approximately two hours, burying 85% of the town in mud. •Another lahar slain 1800 persons and destroyed 400 homes in the city of Chinchina. •Hundreds of people died via infections following your disaster, and many survivors encountered concerns of disease just like yellow fever caused by mud getting into injuries. •The loss of life was exacerbated by unpreparedness of local people – although alerts were applied, many persons did not get them or perhaps could not figure out them, plus the Colombian authorities accused researchers of scaremongering. Response and Management:

•An international aid effort was set up to respond to the catastrophe, with the US government spending $1 million in aid. •Rescue workers and medical products were delivered to the area, though rescue work were made tough by flattened bridges, and thick, gentle mud. •The eruption happened at the same time since the 85 Mexico Town earthquake, meaning the...