Synopsis of Turmoil Negotiations

 Summary of Crisis Negotiations Essay

Turmoil Negotiations Between Unequals by Heinz Waelchli and Dhavan Shah

Circumstance Illustration:

Impractical power settlement the Melian Dialogue among Athenian Empire and ppl from isle of Melos

Both Athenian and Disposition engaged in hard positional negotiating – zero tradeoff and mutual interest/agreement

Effect: DEVASTATION the devastation of Melos


Who also are they?

Athenian Empire| Region of Melos

Linked to Peloponnesian War (Athenian versus Spartans)| Impartial, neutral island| Interest: growing empire, get over Melos as a result of economic and strategic position (had to get Melos no matter what cost)| Interest: remain independent

Athenians sent representatives to negotiate to Melos (last chance to succumb)

What went wrong?

Athenian| Melians

Employing coercion to negotiate – create bitter climate| Threats from Athenians lead to hunch and detest to Melos| Has military presence, which will create awful atmosphere to the negotiation| Melians viewed both war or slavery| Deemed power and strength as virtues – had a directly to get what they could| Contended that they are natural not enemy| Forcefully took control of the meeting by establishing floor rules| Restriction had obstructed Melian's ability to form a technique. Melian committee were forced to be defensive| Threaten: if perhaps Melians usually do not comply with the demands, they would be destroyed| Melians refused to offer in mainly because they believe that they had nothing to gain and everything to lose

Athenians had the negotiating electrical power but did not exercise economic and military power smartly

Two elements created electrical power imbalance:

2. alternatives into a negotiated contract

* adverse commitments

Equally use challenging strategies to satisfy its positional concerns 5. instead of creating value, they used assert value

2. instead of staying cooperative and inventive, they will chose to look at negotiations because hard, challenging bargaining

Effect of positional negotiating

* bad...