Psy105a1 Dissertation

Personality Development

Daniel-Glenn Harvey

Strayer School


Professor Brian Kester

When we reach old age and reminisce of days long ago, will functioning back in ourselves and note the changes we have been through? Is it possible that we are the identical person i was dozens of yrs ago, or have certain parts of our personalities improved while other parts have stayed the same? I am able to at least say that to get myself, I have undergone significant changes with my character throughout the course of my life. My own personality development was not only a product of nature, or perhaps genetics, but the environment as well.

Possibly the most notable transform I have been subject to is coming from being an introvert, mostly keeping to myself, to someone who loves and sometimes likes to be around other folks. The introverted stage of my life occupied my complete childhood plus the early stage of my adult life. When I managed to graduate high school and joined the Navy, I used to be forced to not merely be in close proximity more, but to interact with and count on those same people. Throughout the span of my support, it was this forced closeness that eventually got me out of my layer. I improved from the person who would sit in the nook by his lonesome in the person who will gather persons together to get a night out out and about. This was incredibly contrary to simply how much of my children thought I might act as the. As stated in the Soomo Webtext (2012), " we cannot predict our eventual characteristics based on each of our early years of life”.

This is not to state that every last aspect of my personality is promoting; in fact , many personality traits don't have changed in any way. Although We am even more sociable than I was inside my adolescence, We am even now for the most part on the quieter aspect. What I mean with this is that We have never really been the type of person to project my own voice through an entire room unless essential. I like to keep my interactions within my own immediate group. Looking back on this particular trait, is actually almost as if I mimic my father as he is rather than an outspoken person either, neither is his dad. In this case, We would have to say that nature received over nurture in developing this a part of who We became at this time in my life. However , I have a significant sum of living to do and folks to interact with. Therefore , it is quite possible that this kind of part of who I i am is still be subject to change. For instance , many of the persons I work together with are very open, loud people. While this has not necessarily " rubbed off” on me personally yet, there may be still period.

We find it really interesting as I believed I would possess completely described my personality at this stage in my life, but the reality is quite the contrary. As stated in the Webtext (2012), " to improve our sense of id, people in individualistic civilizations try out different selves in various situations”. While this is applicable more to adolescents, I feel that this applies to young adults, with this problem, as well. Through the years, to include grade school, my service inside the Navy or over until now I possess made a various group of friends and while not really noticing this myself, other folks have told me that my own mannerisms possess changed based on which group I happened to be around. I had been rather amazed as it was nothing that I attempted to do, although more of something which was done unconsciously. Showing on this even more, I have likewise realized that it was something my buddy was guilty of as well. You might generally inform who he had been spending some time with just from the approach he was behaving at the time. Can this unconscious desire to imitate be hereditary? While selected people may well like to give attention to whether or not these kinds of traits will be linked to possibly nature or perhaps nurture, it really is my perception that it requires a balanced blend of both to develop the unique individual that is you.

While the changes of my own personality have been completely analyzed and noted myself, there is certain to be a significant level of opinion and inaccuracy. While I could...