Response to Bettelheim's thesis In the essay "The Ignored Lesson of Bea Frank"

 Response to Bettelheim’s thesis In the essay «The Ignored Lessons of Bea Frank»

In the essay " The Disregarded Lesson of Anne Frank" Bettelheim's thesis is that because the Franks had decided to go in hiding as being a family rather than hiding away separately, these were refusing to take what was going on around them and so they contribute to their own deaths by not fighting to stay with your life. I mostly do not accept Bettelheim's thesis; the Franks did the actual thought was best. Yes, they would have hid away individually, nevertheless that's not what they wanted. They wanted to be together and be together intended for as long as possible.

The Frank friends and family chose to conceal together since they would rather be collectively than apart, obviously. I really do agree with Bettelheim that they needs to have devised some kind of break free plan in case they were identified. They should have experienced some sort of weapon to detain the SS soldiers for some time to ensure the children to get away safely. It could have been a good idea to generate such an idea, but they thought otherwise.

I really do not go along with what Bettelheim said about this not being desirable to want to stay living as a family even with all the evil going on surrounding them. The Frank's found it to be a desired lifestyle, and its what they made a decision to do. Just because Bettelheim discovered it to become undesirable and more may include found it to be unfavorable doesn't suggest the Outspoken family also did. By hiding away as a family, they were not ignoring the threat of the Nazi's, these people were doing the actual though was best, that has been be jointly for as long as possible.

Had We been a Jew living during this time period, I would possess wanted to live hiding individual as to have more chance of endurance, but gowns me saying now. I don't know what would have recently been worse, dying with your friends and family, or declining without your household. I can understand the Frank friends and family wanting to always be together as long as possible in a time exactly where evil was all around.