"The The english language Teacher" by simply RK Narayan: How far will you agree with the statement: "Dr. Shankar shall be blamed pertaining to Susila's death"?

 «The English language Teacher» by RK Narayan: How far will you agree with the statement: «Dr. Shankar shall be blamed for Susila’s death»? Essay

Inside the timeless vintage penned by simply R. E Narayan " The English Teacher", it really is entirely sensible and appear to view Susila's loss of life as a critical turning point inside the novel. Susila's passing on to the netherworld signifies a significant change in Krishna's life, and thus it is valid to term the occurrence as one which can be of " massive result and magnitude". What is more befuddling and stimulating is the problem of who actually brought on her greatest demise. Numerous theories and characters come to mind when the issue is posted. I, for starters, hold Dr . Shankar accountable for Susila's fatality. His attitude, attitude and work values throughout her ordeal did not justify his supposed status as 'the most effective practitioner the town center [Malgudi]", not to say " the best physician on earth".

To begin with, Dr . Shankar is much too sloppy in the way he performs. When Krishna, the protagonist, first wanted help from your physician, Doctor Shankar basically " asked a few questions, wrote down a prescription and put it away". He with confidence declared that " it is just malaria" and he features " 60 cases similar to this on hand, you should not see Susila". This type of hit-and-miss and inaccurate assumption of your patient's health issues has to be the cardinal trouble in the world of professionals. He is far too confident and casual in his diagnosis that he is able to notify to tell what illness someone is suffering from without even becoming present in entrance of the ahead of the patient. Dr . Shankar is a perfect sort of what almost all doctors in the world should not perform. His speedy dismissal of Krishna's request him to see Susila demonstrates just how irresponsible a doctor he could be. Dr . Shankar is not really meticulous enough, and in his official capacity as a doctor, he is best described as " an automaton dispensing medicine and healthcare". If only Doctor Shankar have been more sophisticated in his actions, the outcome might possibly not have proved to be therefore tragic.

One more key factor in Dr . Shankar's contribution to Susila's decline is...