The Fall of the Roman Republic

 The Fall of the Roman Republic Essay

The Roman Republic was great world with a incredibly complex political system that still influences governments today. The Both roman Republic contains three parts. The highest becoming the Consul that was made up of two male associates who happen to be elected annually. Secondly there was the Senate made up of elder statesmen that advised the Consul and lastly there was the Assemblies exactly where participants identified by group on issues. A few of the strong points of the personal system was its resident involvement even though plebeians generally didn't have got much specialist. Another strength of the political system is that it was ruled and depending on a well spelt out rules to avoid instances of dictatorship. As wonderful as The Roman Republic was completely its weaknesses. The some weakness of the Roman Republic personal system was its foreign policies that constantly got the nation at war, which will drained its resources and hampered the ability to control itself. Therefore it compelled the republic to depart from its tradition and find Julius Caesar as a dictator to deal with the social and economic crisis triggered. Julius Caesar played an important role in the civil warfare that commenced in forty-nine B. C. E. The war broke out every throughout the roman world. Caesar had a incredibly decisive earn. When he went back to The italian capital in 46 BCE He had to take on the work of running a republic that had pre existing economic problems, interpersonal problems and difficulties due to the wars. Caesar needed to reestablish stability to the factions that burdened the city with assault.

Caesar collection into motion his strategies to restore the republic to its wonder, he established programs of public functions to create jobs for the unemployed. To help displaced peasants, he introduced colonization courses all around the Mediterranean. Despite his skills the Caesar could not solve the problem of how to govern the republic as the it was developing at a rate the fact that traditional both roman way of regulating could not control. The Roman government transformed very little above the entire...