Titian vs Manet

 Titian as opposed to Manet Composition

Traditional art and modern artwork, although happen to be next to each other chronologically, are very different from one another. These distinctions can be seen through several fine art elements such as colour colour pallette, the use of space, texture, formula and layers. The types of these variations will be in comparison by " Venus which has a Mirror” by simply Titian, 1555 as a Typical art and " Monet painting in his floating studio” by Edouard Manet in 1874 for instance of modern skill. Firstly, the most visible big difference of all between the two paintings is the artist's colour colour pallette which in " Venus which has a Mirror”, Titian's usage of coloring is quite uninteresting and he uses largely a grey/black tone producing the painting look quite mysterious and somehow, almost holy. Furthermore, our planet toned background makes " Venus” the emphasis from the painting, which will correspond together with the movement Titian is in because it is largely focused with the gods, goddesses and myths. Observe that all the colors used in this kind of painting are extremely realistic, in a way that painting what the artist is really seeing without the exaggeration. In comparison, the piece of art by Manet has a shiny colour palette by using cool tone colors such as gradation of blue and green blended to illustrate the atmosphere, the earth plus the boat. As well, there are dabs of red and white here and there which in turn we cannot see in Titian's art work. The usage of amazing colours in this article makes the art work looks brighter, visually, as an feelings, lively and energetic. This is an sign of the portrait in the modern motion as it is conveying more of the artist's emotion with the current minute. Moreover, the amount of texture between these two paintings differ. In " Abendstern with a Mirror”, we can see that it is quite toned and clean by the vision. The audience could hardly experience the texture because the brushstrokes are invisible which is intentional of the specialist to make every thing perfect. Although " Monet painting in his floating studio” is the opposing by exhibiting the small...