Turning Point Composition

 Turning Point Structure Essay

Phase 8 format

Case study: Be mindful where you set Unwanted Pests in the Everglades •" everglades nationwide park was overrun with pythons

•Fortunately the alligator is known as a successful predator

•8. 1- why were introductions of recent species in Europe popular long ago? •Today human introduction of species into fresh habitats is one of the most problematic problems with existence on earth •In 1749 Linnaeus was major scientists botanists and dad of modern taxonomy of crops sent a colleague to North America to gather plants •Western Europe's climate was just like the climate of North America these types of places a new great selection of plants types •Biography of large scale global patterns

8. 2-Wallace's realms- Biotic pays

•Alfred Russell Wallace co-discovered the theory of biological evolution with Charles Darwin •Wallace helped discover 6 biogeographical regions as well as the animals that could be found in each •Neartic- United states, Neotropical- Central/ South America, Paleartic- Europe/ North Asia/ North Africa, Ethiopian- Central/ South Africa, Oriental- India Subcontinent/ Malaysia •All living organisms happen to be classified into groups called taxa usually one the foundation of their development or similarity of qualities •Domain/ Empire, Phylum composed of classes made up of orders, made up of species 8. 3- Biomes

•A biome is a kind of ecosystem

•Similar environments led to the evolution of your organisms similar in form and function •This is known as the rule of climate similarity

•A biotic province is dependent on who is linked to who

•A biome is dependent on niches and habitats, a biotic region is a great evolutionary unit •Divergent progression is a method when a populace is divided usually in groups based on geographic areas •Both convergent/divergent evolution improves biological selection 8. 4-Geographic patterns of life in a continent

•Convergent/divergent environments led to the study of patterns within an environment •...